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  • We are experts in Land Resumption.

  • We protect you and your family when Government Authorities and Large Corporations want to take your land.

  • We are a Land Owners Group Advisory Firm.

Our Services

  • Easement and Acquisitions

    Large multinational corporations, Government authorities often need to acquire easements, and in some cases entire properties.

    Our valuers have been involved in several land and easement acquisition projects and can assist you in ensuring fair value for acquired areas and for any consequential damages.

  • Compensation Assessments

    Our registered expert property valuers have been undertaking compensation assessment of large multinational corporations and Government authorities activities for many years and we have significant expertise in protecting you, the land owner, in this area.

    We are available should you require information about industry practices, the legislative framework, and relevant precedents.

  • Valuation Services

    Large multinational companies and or Government authorities may require access to your private land in order to undertake their activities, however in seeking access they must comply with their legal obligations and are required to notify you and for more advanced activities are required to negotiate a Conduct & Compensation Agreement with you.

    We have been providing specialised expert consulting services in this area for years and we are here to assist you.

  • Legal Advisory Referral Services

    Major infrastructure projects are rapidly expanding across Australia. We understand this may cause you stress and uncertain times when faced with proposed exploration or development of your land.

    We work with the best expert legal firms who are at the forefront of acting on behalf of landholders, like yourself, faced with proposed access to their land, major Government infrastructure projects and mining activities.

    We have a reputation for taking a proactive and no-nonsense approach to negotiations with large multinational corporations and Government authorities ensuring your rights and interests, as a landowner, are protected.

  • GIS (Geographic Information System) Services

    GIS Mapping, Visualisation & Data Support
    Property Plans, Mud Maps, Alignment Infrastructure Plans
    Project Constraint Analysis and Multi Criteria Analysis
    Infrastructure Corridor and Route Selection
    Infrastructure Site Selection
    Spatial Data Acquisition – LIDAR & Aerial Imagery
    Management of Client Spatial Data
    Land Title & Cadastral Boundary Searches
    Site Investigations and Master Planning of Property Layout

  • Engineering Services

    Concept Engineering Design and Pre-Feasibility Studies
    Independent Engineering Assessment of Project Impacts – Flood Studies, Earthworks, Drainage, etc
    Civil Design Optimisation – Specialising in Road and Railways
    Planning and Assessment of Fencing, Occupational Crossings, Dams
    Transport Corridor and Alignment Impact Assessment
    Review of Basis of Design, Specifications

  • Other Services

    Environmental Impact Assessments
    Interpretation of Land Access Agreements, Interface Agreements
    Contract Administration and Reporting
    Preparation of Tenders, Bids, Proposals, Permits and DA

Who We Are

Land Owners Group is a highly experienced consulting firm specialising in agricultural business management, natural resource management, rural land administration, and major infrastructure projects. With a team of dedicated professionals from a variety of disciplines, we provide a comprehensive range of services to a diverse client base. Our clients include individual farm businesses, professional firms servicing the agricultural sector, and large corporations with interests in land and natural resources.


Our People

Possessing significant expertise in a wide range of disciplines, we have assembled a dedicated team of professionals just for you.

 Drawn predominately from rural and regional locations throughout Australia, our team is well placed to assist you in achieving the desired outcomes for you and your family.

  • Genuine

    We have a reputation for taking a personal, respectful, proactive and no-nonsense approach to negotiations with large multinational corporations and Government agencies ensuring your rights and interests are looked after. Put simply we help you to protect your family tree.

  • Understanding

    Our team of professionals have a rural background which gives us the unique ability to understand the issues that affect your rural business yet put it into language that everyone can understand.

  • Knowledgeable

    We maintain intimate knowledge of the industries carried out across rural Australia and have access to significant multi industry networks providing our clients with an invaluable connection to the region.

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